8 Free typography social icons – made with the type tool and Helvetica.

This is something of an experiment: Helvetica social Icons that are 99% made with the type tool in Photoshop.

The idea came about when I flirted with using icons on this blog, and didn’t really care for all the cartoony, glossy, and web 2.0 type ones available. Although so many are really beautifully made, they just aren’t really my style. So, I created these. Something a little different =)

Apart from the coloured backgrounds in some, everything is made with the type tool in Photoshop and variations of the Helvetica font. I would have dug to have done vectors for these, but at the moment I don’t have a good vector app like Adobe Illustrator in my pocket.

I’ve included all the Photoshop files, so that you can see how they were constructed. They are free to download and use.

As far as I know, there aren’t really any typographical icons around the web, so If anyone expands on this idea, please let me know – I’d love to see what you’ve done! Credit would be awesome if you use them, but I would just like to see more people creating these kind of icons, and maybe taking the idea to a new level.

Here they are: typo-icons.zip

Here’s a brief rundown of the 8 icons:

LastFM icon

LastFM icon

Digg Icon

Digg Icon

Delicious icon: Two full stops or periods stretched out to be perfect squares.

Delicious icon

Flickr icon

Twitter icon: Type creating the image on a blue background.

Twitter icon

Facebook icon: A gradient background to make an icon that is actually quite similar to the default one.

Facebook icon

RSS icon: created simply with a full stop or period, and two standard brackets.

RSS icon

Design Float icon: The entire image is made up of many layered o's that were distorted to get a more circular shape. The 4 pipes are hyphens.

Design Float icon

As you can see, I’ve used them in the re-design of this blog. If you dig them let me know.

Although so many are really beautifully made, they just aren't really my style. So, I created these. Something a little different.
  1. Chris M says:

    Good one dude!

  2. Matty says:

    Very cool icons man. Love the Twitter icon. :)

  3. Graham Smith says:

    10 out of 10 for originality. Brilliant idea, as Matty said, the Twitter one is ingenious, love it.

    Gonna link to it on LoveHelvetica if thats ok.


  4. Jay says:

    Amazing work – I love the DIGG and Twitter one.
    And a brilliant idea too. Keep up the fantastic work :)


  5. Brendon says:

    Thanks for the comment Graham. I’d be honoured if you linked to it on LoveHelvetica!

  6. Brendon says:

    Thank you for the encouragement Jay. I wish I could have also done the rest in the same way – by using type to create the image, but with the others it was just wasn’t possible =)

  7. Wogan says:

    That RSS icon is sexy! Nice work!

  8. Brendon says:

    Wogan, I reckon you must have an inner designer in you. Only designers call icons sexy =) Thanks for the compliment man!

  9. Aquila says:

    Insanely cool icons and awesome new design. Belated congrats and well done!

  10. Brendon says:

    Ah, thanks man Nico!

  11. Monika Halim says:

    Found your work from sharebrain on the comment about Helvetwitca :D this is awesome! Very fresh!

  12. Brendon says:

    Thanks Monika. Dig what you did Helvetwitca idea.

  13. Nice job.
    Very Rock’n'Roll

  14. [gar] says:

    excellent. unique. inspiring. thanks.

  15. RurualBwoy says:

    Damn…the twitter icon is super-nice…love it!

  16. Brendon says:

    Shot! Thanks for the cool feedback :)

  17. cheth says:

    Neat Icon Pack! :)

  18. Brendon says:

    Thanks for stopping by Cheth. Considering all the awesome icon sets I’ve seen you do, that’s a very cool compliment.

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  20. Drew says:

    Love these icons! Definetly going to be using them in my sites redesign!

  21. Brendon says:

    Cool Andrew thanks. Be sure to drop another comment when it’s done so I can check it out.

  22. I think the RSS one using the Helvetica braces is genius

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  24. Meher Ranjan says:

    What an awesome icon set. I mean I have been searching for good icon set and some or the other missed the edge. But this one so far is THE BEST.
    Great Work.


  25. Brendon says:

    Thank you Meher :)

  26. Awesome Set Thanks For The Share..

  27. Alex says:

    Can you add an icon Google +?

  28. Sandeep says:

    Thanks for the icons.. This is awesome.

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