My first shoot with my new camera. Stitched together from two photos.

Cape Town at night
Cape Town at night

The original image is over 6800px wide, so unfortunately you don’t get to see the detail in this shot. At a larger size it might make a really cool print for those who like a little bit of Cape Town in their home.

Huge thanks to André (a true gentlemen) for helping me get to grips with some of the settings on my camera and offering some great advice.

*And I forgot to mention, this was taken from the top of Imod’s apartment block. Thanks for organizing a great get together Chris. Really glad I brought my camera :)

7 thoughts on “Table Mountain and Cape Town panorama at night.

  1. This is a really awesome pano, Brendon. Wow! I really like the effect that the mountain spotlights have on the mountain itself. The complimentary colours of the light from the spotlights and the colour created by the streetlights is also awesome. :)

  2. @Aquila Thank you. Yeah only 2 because I had my lens pretty wide.

    @Matty Thanks Matt. It was quite lucky there was some cloud cover because the spotlights bouncing off of it creates a nice effect.

    @pbdphoto Hi Pat. Thanks for the compliment *I think :)

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